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What Is The Third Eye? Understanding Its Powers And Abilities

the brow chakra

What Is The Third Eye? Understanding Its Powers And Abilities

What is the third eye? Is it really scary?

The third eye is known to many cultures all over the world as a mystical invisible eye that can give a person sight beyond ordinary sight. It is also known as the Ajna or the brow chakra, and is what allows its wielder to see everything from inner to outer realms, planes of higher consciousness, clairvoyance, auras and chakras, and more (see details below.)

It is a sign of higher consciousness, which is usually the prerequisite for the third eye to open naturally; once it opens it means the mind and consciousness are ready for what can be seen ahead, and can handle images and visions that will challenge normal thinking.

And this is where the problems begin for people who force their third eye to be opened.

Firs thing’s first: aligning, cleansing, or “awakening” the third eye chakra is not the same as opening it in the sense of the word. So when you encounter chakra alignment tips, don’t be afraid to align the ajna chakra, for aligning it with the rest of the chakras is crucial to a healthy well-being.

When people say “open” the third eye it means coaxing or forcing it to be opened unnaturally, oftentimes with the mind not ready to handle what it will see. A higher consciousness is needed to fully understand the existence of inner and outer realms, to be fully ready of the existence of the denizens of these realms, and to have the mental fortitude to face them.

This is why it is scary, it is scary when the wielder is not ready.

For example, people who only know about ghosts and spirits from what they see in movies and TV shows have a very narrow understanding of the spirit realms, and to be able to see a ghost with their forcibly opened 3rd eye will definitely be a harrowing experience.

But a person with a higher consciousness, who is able to first acknowledge the spirit realm’s existence, has experienced it prior in some form like doing astral projection, and understand what ghosts are, will not be fearful of what they will see once their third eye opens naturally, in due time.

What can the third eye do?

Whether opened naturally or by force, the third eye can allow the wielder many abilities:

1.)  See inner and outer planes and the beings that inhabit them

2.)  See the auras and chakras of living beings.

3.)  Experience religious and spiritual visions, often able to receive them at appropriate times.

4.)  Higher success in achieving astral projection and out of body experiences.

5.)  Clairvoyance and precognition, the abilities to see the future and know what will happen long before it does.

6.)  See and sense the spiritual realm and the spirits and ghosts within.
There are many other abilities the third eye can grant, but this will vary from wielder to wielder.

How to open the third eye

As we mentioned above, it is very dangerous to open the third eye for a mind that is not ready. So we will not be discussing how to forcibly do it. Instead, all we will say is to improve one’s consciousness to achieve a higher state, and wait patiently for the right time to come. A guide on how to heighten your consciousness can be found here.

For now, simply follow the consciousness guide above, and make sure your third eye is properly nourished and aligned. This can be done with the help of this binaural beats track for the chakras, which include the Ajna.
Using carefully plotted binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies, this all-in-one chakra meditational music track will help and guide you throughout your session. Each music segment will fade out indicating the next chakra point you need to focus on. Close your eyes. Feel the vibrations flow through you, and awaken with a much more relaxed state of being. Be One with yourself and your surroundings.


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