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The 5 Aspects of Tapasya

The 5 Aspects of Tapasya

1. What is Tapasya?

Tapasya is a sanskrit word which means to have self discipline. This word is usually associated with the saints and not common human beings. However if you ponder, all of us have to go through tapasya in life. Parents give up on their wishes for kids. Children give up entertainment for studies, we also have to give up on food sometimes due to health issues. Tapasya is a long term effort with 5 major aspects.

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2. Belong to One

We are all social beings and multi tasking is a part of our daily lives. We play parts with multiple people and when we leave, we go alone on our own journey. This is why it is important to give love to all but belong to GOD, which is to do good karma. Belong to the good and collect blessings which comes along with you from one birth to another.

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3. Concentrate the Mind and Intellect

The mind and the intellect are 2 aspects of our soul. The mind works on feeling while the intellect works on judgement. However most of the people work on their minds instinct without using the intellect to judge the consequences of their actions. Also the mind works in comfort zone while the intellect works in effort zone.

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4. Have Love for Solitude

From morning to night we are completely in the external world and using all our sense organs to enjoy life by seeing, tasting, listening, etc. but we still don’t feel contented or happy. The reason is because what we think and what we do are in different directions. However if we spend some time in solitude, we can analyse and start doing, what we think of more than once and make it a habit.

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5. Making your Mind Stable

Mind is a monkey which is what everyone says. It runs in all directions and wants to achieve the maximum in 24 hours. This makes us feel exhausted at the end of the day. Making your mind stable means to prioritise and then execute the task even if it makes you feel bored. Its not you but the mind that gives you this feeling of boredom. Dont let the mind control you.

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