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To experience and expand the awareness and bubbling bliss That is inherent in us every single moment of our lives. These techniques help us to reconnect with ourselves and get back on the track of life through simple yogic methods, knowing your energy patterns and music- dance techniques! YOGA – Familiarize yourself with basic postures, learn fundamentals of breath and relaxation techniques and have some fun! Yoga has the potential to influence every part of your being and help you to create a better balance of body mind and spirit. Yoga helps to have a deeper connection with ourselves. MEDITATION – Meditation is the art of looking inside and discovering one’s own inner being. Meditation leads us not only to totally new inner experiences, but helps us also to transform our day-to-day life into a better, more meaningful and more fulfilling existence. ENERGY HEALING – Every cell in the body requires light energy. Nature itself is full of color. Therefore, it is no surprise that we are drawn to color. Color is energy. The energy vibration of color is used to enhance and balance the physical, emotional and spiritual state of a person.

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Welcome to the Cosmic Festival

Our organisation shows the path to awaken the light that dwells asleep in the psyche; Rishi’s methodologies exhort us to bloom like a lotus flower, beyond the moment to the eternal. Vedantaranga does not speak words, but brings paths of reflections where we walk inside ourselves.


  • Shivatva Dhyana
  • Mrita Sanjeevani Yoga
  • Manasayana
  • Atmabodha
  • Dream Yoga
  • Sadhana Sannyasa

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The people of Vedantaranga behind us
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GURUMITRA (Mystic Yogi)

He now ventured with silent revolution to bring Vedantic realities to modern minds through experiments.
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Swami Samyam

His spiritual life began 4 years ago and he learnt all the methodologies,
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A rare clairvoyant and meditation teacher. She scans aura and predicts based on the energy pattern

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Leaf 1
  • Experience based Teaching
  • Personal Attendance
  • One to one Counseling
  • Practice Correction
  • Monitored Practice
  • Weekly Awareness Check
Leaf 2
  • Energy based Scanning
  • Energy based Predictions
  • Support till the Problem Solved
  • Personal Attendance
  • One to one Counseling
  • Anytime Support
Leaf 3
  • On the Birthday
  • Aura Scanning
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Scanning
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Yearly Energy based Prediction
Leaf 4
  • Shri Yantra Pyramid
  • Shri Yantra Sannidhi
  • Shri Yantra Ring
  • Crystal Healing
  • Shrisuktha Pooja Training
  • Shrisuktha Antar Pratista
  • Temple Consecration